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Tweave History

Debson Mills was founded by Jack Fallow and Harold Lawton with the idea to use stretch woven fabrics in foundation garments. Debson's first customer was Strouse, Adler Co., and the business expanded to supply fabrics which became a part of many innovative products such as the Playtex "I Can't Believe It's a Girdle" as well as several other high end foundation garment brands in the 1970's.

Throughout that decade, the business diversified into swimwear, sportswear, and skiwear. The company's name was changed to Tweave, Inc. in 1980, and began the consolidation of its various manufacturing locations to the current factory in Norton, MA.

The 1990's brought a shift in business away from the foundation garments as fashions changed. With that, Tweave added contract upholstery fabrics to the stretch woven line, and watched the outerwear segment grow as customers began to understand the benefits of "softshell" garments.

Industrial and medical opportunities also began to grow, as did the military market while the US began to upgrade soldier protection and equipment in preparation for more active operations.

In 2008, the company was purchased by Gehring Textiles, and the dyeing and finishing operations were moved to the Gehring-Tricot plant in NY, making way for equipment expansions and growth of Tweave's weaving facility in MA.

Today the customer base includes a broad range of applications such as costumes for blockbuster movie productions, specialty military equipment and apparel, uniforms for elite athletic teams, apparel for high end outdoor customers, and still, to this day, the old foundation garments!

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